CaribbeanSpicesdba gourmet Food Truck - The cuisine of Haiti is a rich, exotic way of cooking that takes different cuisine into account...Taino, Spanish , French...and blend together a tasty cuisine that bears a distinct signature. Our unique way of cooking sets us apart from the other islands and give us a distinct legacy. "

Caribbean Spices Food truck catering and food service has a speciality lunch delivery services for our customers.We deliver for groups, family, offices, and meeting lunches, scheduled and repeating lunches, just call ahead and we will deliver our fresh and unique meals to you at the time you indicate. Our menu items are between 7 to 15 dollars, we require a minimum of $ 100 per order. 

   Chef Special

               Carribean Beef patties $ 4.00

      Carribean Chix patties $ 4.00

      Sweet plantains          $ 7.00

           The Jerky's          $ 12.00
      Bacon Mc n cheese balls $ 7.00

                                        The Jerk chix   $ 14.00

                                     Creole Oxtail   $ 18.00

                   Creole seafood gumbo $ 14.00

                                                Griot ( pork bites )          $ 13.00

                                                          Creole curry Goat           $ 17.00
                                   Creole salmon         $ 16.00

                                                   Kalypso shrimp      $ 15.00

       Jerk Combo ( chicken and shrimp )  $ 17.00

 All plates are served  with rice and beans, fried plantains , salad and Pikliz

                                    Salad / Sliders
                 Roasted Pork Sandwich  $ 12.00

                     Jerk chix salad      $ 10.00

                         Jerk  Taco      $  11.00

                     Kongo Pork Slider $  12.00

         Creole Fish Tacos  $ 12.00

  Please contact us 415-299-2680 or email to order your next lunch or set up scheduled and will deliver it.


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