CaribbeanSpicesdba gourmet Food Truck - The cuisine of Haiti is a rich, exotic way of cooking that takes different cuisine into account...Taino, Spanish , French...and blend together a tasty cuisine that bears a distinct signature. Our unique way of cooking sets us apart from the other islands and give us a distinct legacy. "
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Bridal shower
Nursing graduation
Carribean fruity hamcarribean fruit lakaycarribeanspicesdba griyocarribeanspicesdba red snappercarribeanspicesdba lambi lakaycarribeanspicesdba dinner for twoBodega bay seafood festival 2011carribeanspicesdba birthday partycarribeanspicesdba creole prawnsHaitian flagcspicesdba Rhum lakay nouCarnaval in Haiti the Queenpiment bouc (goat pepper )the iron market in Haiti
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