CaribbeanSpicesdba gourmet Food Truck - The cuisine of Haiti is a rich, exotic way of cooking that takes different cuisine into account...Taino, Spanish , French...and blend together a tasty cuisine that bears a distinct signature. Our unique way of cooking sets us apart from the other islands and give us a distinct legacy. "
“The level of service at CarribeanSpicesdba is fantastic.The food were excellent, presentation was great Having been a customer since 2011, we will go back to them. Thanks!  
The team at San Rafael Mitsubishi dealer
  CarribeanSpicesdba was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of food I received was outstanding. You guys are the best!”
Richard, from Sausalito,ca
" CarribeanSpices have the best seafood gumbo ever, with langostino, crabs, andouille sausage, the taste is absolutely phenomenal !
 John and Alexia, Bodega bay seafood festival 2011
Faye Stennett
                                        Petaluma host Lions Club 2013
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